Sail West

Sail West at Gimli, Manitoba


Niagara, Ontario, hosted by Niagara on-the-Lake Yacht Club. Closed regatta with CSG Squad representing Saskatchewan.

Redberry Lake Icebreaker Regatta June 01 2024

Saskatoon Sailing Club

Notice of Race Redberry Lake Icebreaker Regatta Redberry Lake, Saskatchewan June 1, 2024 General: The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024. Saskatoon Sailing Club and the Redberry Lake Sailing Team are the organizers of this regatta. Sailing instructions will be available at the time of registration. Entry: The regatta is open to all classes. Fees: No charge. Schedule: June 1st 2024 12:00 - Competitors’ Meeting 13:00 - First Race Warning signal Number of Races & Scoring: Short Course Format. 10 Races scheduled Eligibility: Each competitor must be a member in good standing in a recognized club which is currently in good standing with Sail Canada. Awards: Icebreaker Trophy for Regatta winner. Driftwood Award for Winner of 1st Race of the Season Scheduling Notice: The regatta is tentatively scheduled for June 1. The date may be rescheduled depending on weather/conditions/ice break-up."