Martin 16

The Martin 16 is a boat designed and built right here in Canada. With its large cockpit, it is very easy to get in and out of using a hoist, and can be fitted with a backseat for a companion sailor. It can also be fitted with various aids such as power-assists for steering and sail trimming.

These boats are used primarily by the Queen City Disabled Sailing club in Regina at Wascana Lake.

International 2.4mR

Modeled after the 12 Metre design of classic America’s Cup yachts, the 2.4mR is a sleek fixed-keel one-design sailboat built primarily for racing all the way up to the Olympic level. It has much more control over sail tuning, but can also be fitted with powered assists and hand or foot steering methods.

Sask Sailing hosts various “Just Try It” weekends at both Blackstrap and Redberry Lakes where our 2.4’s are provided, and they are otherwise seen quite frequently out training and racing with the Sailing Squad.